All of You Wrote This

Guess my line? 😀

Just Call Me Elm or Something

Hi guys!

So, this is a week’s worth of YOUR writing – the complete Exquisite Corpse piece. I’m so proud and happy that everyone took part, because it means so much. And you know what – it actually works, all together, and flows!

I’ve changed a few words here and there that were in different tenses, and so it might not be as clear who wrote it.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part, and especially to Rina. You’re fantastic, and every single one of you has creativity inside them. Don’t doubt yourself just because you think you can’t do something, because we know you can.

And, here it is! Enjoy.

A girl stared out to sea, the breeze combing through her auburn hair. Tentatively she removed a pale hand from the railing and brushed away the single tear that was coursing down her cheek. She breathed in…

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