The Adventures of Shadow – Part 1

A/N: I have recently started a DnD 5e campaign with some friends and I am keeping a log of events and quests. Thought I’d make it more fun by writing as my character.

A quick intro to my character known as Shadow, born Nemeia Visrin : she is a tiefling rogue with a urban bounty hunter background. Her family is part of the bigger Zentharim family and so it is sort of a family business to work for them. Her parents own an apothecary in Neverwinter and fence for thieves as well as hold a underground black market for magical items, poisons and other illegal things. Shadow is thus a bounty hunter and hired killer, a rare artifact lover and a bit of a greedy one, having always been raised around expensive items. She is a professional, though, she takes her job quite seriously and likes to keep a perfect record, as much as possible.

I hope you enjoy her adventures! – Alixa

Dear diary,

By the order of the Zentharim, I have been sent out on yet another mission. Instead of my usual bounty hunting gigs, I was sent on an escort mission for 10 gp. Weak salary, if you want my opinion, but it should be an easy enough job. The contractor is named Gundren Rockseeker and I am to escort a wagon of mining supplies to the Barthen’s Provisions trading post in Phandalin. No details has been provided except that it is of great value to him. I have no interest in mining supplies, so as soon as this is done, the better it will be.

Rockseeker has gone ahead with a warrior of the name of Sildar Hallwinter. We have saved his life today (Sildar), though I doubt he realizes how much he owes me. Men and their preconceptions; I’m not here to kill him, I am part of the rescue team! I don’t care, if he has gold to offer me, I will take him to safety to Phandalin as he asks us to.

Us, as in me and the other 3 people hired for the job. I am grouped with amateurs, a drow and two half-elves who are clearly not used to these kinds of jobs. It’s fine, they seem familiar with the environment we are pushed into. I am not comfortable in the wild, I am a city girl. Tracking and such isn’t my forte, but it seems these people know what they’re doing – a ranger (Sowren), a druid (Telumbë), and what seems like a sorceress of some kind (Sai). I will trust them to lead us in the forest, though I can’t wait to find sturdy walls again and warm beds (and food). With us is also Aldric Rockseeker, the cousin of previously mentioned employer. The Dwarves don’t trust us with their precious cargo, it seems. How much are a couple of pickaxes worth, really?

Anyways, on the Triboar Trail earlier today, we found Gundren’s and Sildar’s horses and were ambushed by goblins. One told us the direction of his hideout where my employer has been taken to, and so we went deeper in the forest. We hid the precious wagon first, though. I was not thrilled… Whatever it takes for me to see my payment at the end, I suppose.

A few traps later, we found a cave. We cleared it pretty fast. There were only a few goblins and a wolves guarding it. The goblin we had beaten for information had said that a certain Klarg was in charge of this place and that they had been paid by the “Black Spider” to ambush the Dwarf. They were to bring him to Castle Cragmaw, wherever that is – I have the feeling it’ll be even deeper in the woods… ugh! Yeemik, the chief of the goblins here, has told us she seeks gold from the lost mine found by the Rockseekers in the Wave Echo Cave.

So after clearing the hideout of the goblins and a bugbear – that we later find out was Klarg and that he was the only one to know the location of the Cragmaw Castle, just our luck – and saving in the process the beat up Sildar Hallwinter, we decide to rest as the day is coming to an end.

Sildar wants us to escort him to Phandalin for 50gp (10gp each, which makes the total pay for this ever-growing mission to 20gp – damn, this was supposed to be an easy escort and it has turned into a rescue! I better get a decent bonus for this…) Aldric’s first priority is to find his cousin, of course. If I want to be paid, it’d be best if my employer is alive, I suppose. Hallwinter, knight of Waterdeep, will have to stick with us if he wants to keep us as an escort. He can always take his chances, but without his gear and in his state, I doubt he’d last long on his own.

Tomorrow, we are to track the goblins to the Castle where Gundren has been taken after raiding the cave and bringing stuff back to the wagon. Deeper in the forest, as I thought… Oh well, I got a very nice looking dagger from the goblin chief. I hope it’s worth something.

Shadow – N.V.

(Group loot : 125sp, 100cp, 2 HP pots, 3 golden teeth, 1 small jade statue – frog with golden eyes.
My loot : 4 cp, shiny curved dagger)

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