The Adventures of Shadow – Part 2

Dear diary,

We woke up in the goblin’s hideout missing one Dwarf. Alrdic decided to leave and find his cousin on his own. He only left a note, saying he trusted us to “complete our mission”. Seeing as we were hired to escort the mining supplies to Phandalin and not to protect Aldric or Gundren Rockseeker, we all agreed to keep going without the dwarves. Sildar wanted to reach the town anyways and we have all the Lion Company stolen crates to take back as well. Quickest gold for out time, if you want my opinion. The Rockseekers will either be dead already or on their way with the Black Spider to the Wave Echo Cave. I am curious about this mine full of riches and hope to lay eyes on it myself, however the minute I receive instructions from Zentharim, I will leave this party and the Rockseekers to their fate.

It took us around 2 days to bring back the crates to the wagon and travel to Phandalin. It went pretty smoothly. Besides that ogre we slayed on our way (finding out that this shiny new dagger of mine can silence a hit target! Now that’s a useful weapon for an assassin as I am!), we were left undisturbed as we made our way. Upon arriving in town, Sildar and Telumbë went to get us room to this inn while I took the drow Sowren and the half-elven girl Sai to the Lion Company outpost. We needed to get rid of this wagon as soon as possible if we wanted to head to the Wave Echo Cave ourselves and hope to intercept the Black Spider and the Rockseekers.

Sildar has told us of a friend of his, Iarno Albrek, a wizard living in Phandalin. He thinks his friend could help us locate the mine and he may know more about this Black Spider. We hoped to meet him, but we found out he had gone missing about two months ago while exploring the manor slightly outside of town. Apparently, other people have gone missing in the past weeks. Some say it is the Redbrand, a group of thugs that have been terrorizing merchants and townsfolk. From the information gathered, they like to drink at the Sleeping Giant tap house, and they are mainly active at night, stealing good from different stores. Only the mining outpost has been spared, which leads to think they are linked to the Redbrand. The town master doesn’t seem too concerned about them, saying they are just the local drunks, but we have heard otherwise. At the inn, we have been told that they murdered a man for standing up to them. There would be a tunnel hidden in the forest south of the town, where they have been seen taking the stolen goods. We believe their hideout would be in that area. However, I must mention our sources are not the most reliable : animals, children and gossiping peasants. One thing I know for sure is that the Lion Company promised us 40 silver tipped arrows if we got rid of them, thing I definitely plan to do. We have three days, as this is how long it will take to make the arrows we would’ve bought anyways.

After dropping the crates, we went back to the inn and picked up Telumbë before heading to Barthen’s Provisions to drop off the mining supplies and the cart. We also bought new rations since we will be hitting the road in a few days. The two other Rockseeker brothers should be back soon, I am not intending to stay that long : I do not want to explain how we’ve lost Gundren and Aldric. Technically, none of it was our fault and we did only as told, but I think that dwarves are brash and they do care about family, they wouldn’t be happy we simply left it as is with “hopes” of meeting them at the Cave. How do you tell hardheaded people that chances are that their brother and cousin are already dead and it would be a waste of time to chase after them?

Anyways, we also have learned of orcs that needed slaying east of the Triboar Trail. The town master would offer us 100 gold pieces to get rid of them. However, it would be about a 2 days trip to get there, and another 2 to get back. We might take this later on, but I believe our priority is to get rid of the Redbrand and retrieve the wizard, if he still is alive.

We have been given a lot of names, a lot of information. We can’t go out on a rumor told by a child or unspecific directions, and it is too late to talk to anyone else. Though the druid itches to find the familiarity of the forest again, I strongly suggested we head to the manor where Iarno was last seen as it is our only solid clue at the moment and we may find more there. This is where we will be heading tonight, under the cover of the dark. Maybe we can split up and have one or two keep an eye on the activity of the Redbrand…

I am not impressed on how my “companions” have handled social interactions so far, but I assume they have been living in the wild for so long they have either never seen a human city or have forgotten how people can be. I’ll handle things here, though I didn’t receive the most warm welcome myself, being what I am, which is unsurprising. Larger cities have all kinds of people and it’s easier to blend in. Here, I am seen as a menace even though I have been nothing but civil and helpful. Not wishing to stir any trouble I do plan to keep my hood up, hiding my demonic features as much as possible, while in Phandalin. Maybe, once we get rid of the thugs, maybe then people will look at me differently, but from experience, once their mind is set, there is no changing it. Only people from the underworld can accept what I am and who I am, and only Zentharim will welcome someone like me like family.

Shadow – N.V.

(Group loot : 52gp, 3sp
Group expenses : 4gp each for a room for one night, including a meal (total 16gp)
Total : 36gp, 128sp, 100cp, 2 HP pots, 3 golden teeth, 1 small jade statue – frog with golden eyes.)

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