The Adventures of Shadow – Part 3

Dear diary,

Things are moving fast. We are currently taking a short rest in what seems a small jail underneath the Trsendar Manor. It was guarded by four of the Redbrand thugs and we had to dispose of them in order to access the area, though I did get quite a beating; these guys are stronger than they look. We left one alive to question him, but he had little useful information. He did give us a name, Glasstaff, a wizard at the top of the organisation, and told us of a creature dwelling in their hideout, a one-eyed creature he has never seen. He confirmed their hideout was under the manor, though, just as I suspected. We knocked him out and left him behind a tree with his dead companions and moved on. I’m not sure if we should’ve left him alive, he may prove to be a liability down the line.

After checking out the ruins of the manor, we found the entrance to the basement. At first glance, it seems like a simple wine cellar. Nothing special, really. After a further inspection, we found a small bag in a pond with some goods and a room with two sleeping Redbrand that we also disposed of after getting a bit of information, confirming what their comrade had told us earlier and pointing us in the right direction.

Moving along into the cellar, we triggered a trap in a hallway while the druid went in a mouse form to scout ahead. The sorceress tried to jump over it, but she fell into the pit and lost consciousness. After waking her up, we waited for the druid to come back. He reported there was a room that seemed like a mausoleum ahead and an adjacent room with two guards and 3 prisoners.

As we had little choice but to move forward, we did so and tried to be careful not to trigger any more traps. Unfortunately, the second we stepped in the crypt, three skeletons attacked. They were easily destroyed and it seemed we didn’t alarm the guards next door, busy as they were taunting the prisoners. When we dropped in on them, they were surprised to see us which allowed us to take them out faster. We then freed the prisoners. One of them, the widow of the Dendrar woodworker slain by the Redbrand, told us of an emerald pendant and a ring left in her hometown now taken over by an army of ashen corpses (most likely undead creatures of some sort, how lovely). These heirlooms are her only way to repay us and, according to her, they would be buried in the ruins of her parents’ alchemy shop in Thundertree, North West from here. How convenient for her… we keep being sent on goose chases and it’s starting to tick me off. Why can’t people just give us a mission and pay us with a nice bag of gold? It used to be much simpler before I left Neverwinter on this escort job…

Left alone in this cellar, we are currently taking care of our wounds and getting ready for the rest of the adventure. We will most likely encounter the mage and the one-eyed creature and we can’t afford going in half-prepared. I have my suspicions, but I don’t have enough evidence to share them with the group, and I am not sure what we will face; it could easily be the death of us if we are not careful. Hopefully, my companions will be able to keep up…

Shadow – N.V.

(Group loot : 60gp, 2 HP pots, 1 invisibility pot, jail keys
My loot : 5gp, 38sp, 9sp
Total group loot : 96gp, 128sp, 100cp, 2 HP pots (1 held by Telumbë), 1 invisibility pot (Telumbë), 3 golden teeth, 1 small jade statue – frog with golden eyes, jail keys)

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