A/N: As I am slowly getting back into writing, I will be posting a series of oneshots as they come. I’m trying something new, so let me know what you think!

I am also back to school, so most of my time is devoted to my studies, but I need fiction in my life; it’s my release from stress and reality, so here I am. Thanks to those all of you who have been sticking around! – Alixa


Blood. So much blood. I can feel it on my skin, hot, thick, wet. I am surrounded by red. Bodies and flames build a fortress where I sit on my infernal throne. My ragged breath feels so warm as I take in the massacre before me. A smirked turned into laughter, crimson claws rising into the dark sky. I don’t recognize this voice, but it’s mine. I know it’s mine.


Echoes from the ash clouds. I turn around, but there’s no one but me. Me and bloodied corpses, flesh I have ripped apart. Yet, it isn’t me. Not really. I can feel this presence, deep within me. Blood boiling in my veins, it’s there, a slow pulse. I know why it chose me. I know what it wants. And I…


I open my eyes and gasp. The harsh neon light blinds me and I blink a few times before realizing I was sleeping. In class. And now, everyone is looking at me as Ms. Johnson calls my name.

“Not disturbing you, are we?”

“Sorry Ms., it won’t happen again…” I mumble, trying to sit straighter and to remember what the hell I was dreaming about. It was weird, and disturbing, yet I can’t say what it was all about. Somehow, I feel gross, like I could use a shower, but I don’t think it’ll scrub out that feeling of somethingย inside me.

“Alright, can someone else tell me what it is the author was trying to do in this passage?”

While Ms. Johnson continues her lecture, everything just fades away. I try to focus on my book, but my thoughts keep going back to that uneasiness I’ve felt since I’ve woken up.

Before I know it, the class ends and everyone gets up to leave the room. As I gather my things to do the same, still dazed, Ms. Johnson stops me.

“Alex, a moment, please?”

I walk up to her, my bag slung over my shoulder, and sit on an empty desk. I think I know what she’ll say, she’s kinda predictable.


“I’ve noticed you’ve been distracted today. Is everything alright?”

Even though I knew what would be the question, I have no answer for her, so I shrug as I am unsure about how I feel. I haven’t had time to think about it yet, everything is so… jumbled in my mind and confusing. Like, I know I should know, but I don’t. Not just yet.

“I’m fine. Everything is fine…”

She nods and smiles gently. She is one of the favourite teachers amongst students, mostly because she cares so much, and not just about our grades.

“Well, if there’s anything I can do to help, please come and talk to me. I’m not just your English teacher, you know.”


I nod back and get up, as it seems I am not required to stay any longer, eager to be left with my thoughts. Ms. Johnson smiles at me again as I turn away, and I swear that, for a moment, her eyes glint red.


  1. Ari

    Love it! The mood at the beginning is so deliciously dark and I love that ending! Awesome work


  2. Hi Alixa! Loong time! Hope you are doing well! Appears you are back with lots of creative stories! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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