Nighttime Inspirations 2

A/N: Originally published on June 6th, 2013 on A Purple Panda. – Alixa


When I was a girl, I travelled on a dragon’s back. Not one of these European kind, no. It was a Chinese dragon, with red scales and a moustache, and serpent-like, noble. He took me away from my parents’ bed on a stormy night. The ceiling was dark clouds shaped like a dragon and the eyes were green, shining. They called for me and the red dragon flew right through the clouds, taking me where I belonged.

The dragon took me to a whole different place. I met an old man wrapped in yellow and golden clothes. He looked like an emperor, wise and kind. He took me for a walk outside the palace. He felt familiar, like a grandfather. I remember looking at him with kindness and devotion, and behind him were the huge red pillars of the palace. Beyond was a courtyard filled with trees and flowers, wonderful garden. On our right, a long wall of rice paper, thin barrier between us and the palace. Nobody else was there, it was just me and him, and the dragon floating above our heads.

I knew the emperor was saying important things to me. I simply can’t remember a word of it. I woke up in my parents’ bed, the thunder still loud. I was scared for a moment, then I remembered. I was safe and I knew the dragon would be with me. He would keep an eye on me, though I couldn’t see him. All that was left from my travel were vivid images and impressions.

Maybe it was just a dream, maybe it was simply my crazy imagination. I still feel like I was told precious advice and every night, when I fall asleep, I try to find my way back to that beautiful, serene palace. I don’t know the meaning of it all, but my soul does. I try to listen every chance I get, but the world is so full of noise it’s hard to single out the voice of my heart. I want to feel the peace I felt when the dragon took me away. I want to know I belong, and the key to my destiny lies in the wise words I was once told.

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