Nighttime Inspirations 3

A/N: Originally published on June 9th, 2013 on A Purple Panda. – Alixa


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, lived a farm girl. She was pretty with her big blue eyes and her dark silky hair. She was the only daughter and her father spoiled her so much in order to make her happy. And happy she was. She glowed with warmth and she was loved by everyone in the village.

One day, the prince rode into town with his royal guards. He was the heir to the throne and the king had sent him to visit the neighbouring kingdom with which an old alliance had been made. The king was planning to renew it and strengthen the bonds between the two kingdoms by marrying his only child to the princess of that kingdom. And so, the prince had ridden every year to their castle to befriend his fiancée.

But the blonde prince wasn’t in love. He didn’t know that feeling existed until he laid his eyes on Azalea. The beautiful girl with dark hair and blue eyes was accompanying her father to the market to sell the farm products. She was wearing a simple but elegant white and blue dress, like the sky, that roughy the color of her eyes even more. The heart of the prince was singing the moment her saw her and he knew she was the one.

How ever, the prince was bound by duty. Once a year, he still went to visit his princess from another kingdom. But twice, on the way and back, he would stop at the village for a few days to spend time with the beautiful Azalea. She was growing into an amazing woman and he wished he could take her away on his white stallion.. Instead, he took her into the surrounding forest for secret meetings.

Time passed and the village was growing. Azalea was still waiting for her prince like she did every year. Her father was talking about finding her a nice man who’d take care of her, but she didn’t want to hear it. She loved the prince and only him.

This time though, he visited her only on the way to his fiancée. He would come back this year with his new wife and couldn’t spend another night with the love of his life. And so, he did his best to make their last night together magical and unforgettable. Afterwards, he’d be a married man and a soon-to-be king. He would take responsibility of the kingdom and couldn’t afford a secret lover. She’d become a painful but beautiful memory as he grew old in his castle.

The farm girl couldn’t forget the prince. She had to hide for months in her father’s house, feigning illness while bearing a golden child. When he was born, a beautiful baby with blue eyes and blond hair, she had to give him away to the covent nearby. The sisters would take good care of the child. And she would marry a man who would take care of her and she would bear his children, pretending not to know what real love felt like. She would grow attached to her husband, but she’d keep the memory of her radiant prince close to her heart.

They didn’t live happily ever after, but they did live as they were intended to. They had the luck to experience feelings so strong they thought it would break them. So many live without feeling, but the prince and the farm girl shared something precious. The proof of their love grew to be a kind and string young man. He didn’t become king, but he married a woman he loved, not being bound by any social condition or responsibility. He lived happily ever after in the stead of his parents, carrying the love in which he was conceived to his grave, and so would his children.

The end.

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