Nighttime Inspirations 5

A/N: Originally published on July 10th, 2013 on A Purple Panda. – Alixa


Remember Romeo and Juliet? I knew a couple just like them. They didn’t die, but they might as well have. They are locked up in darkness and I don’t know if they’ll ever see the light again. Love can be so destructive once you’re in it. Love is blind and makes you oblivious of anything else. Love makes you obsessed and selfish and crazy. People make it sound all pretty and romantic, but really, is it?

I believe passion is a good thing. In love, you have to be careful. Movies show only the honey moon phase and fairy tales only show the happy ever after. But love and life is full of messy bits. The hardships and the mistakes, the fights and the tears, all of it makes every moment of happiness that much more precious, but it’s certainly not worth dying for.

He loved her so much he would’ve done anything for her. She was beautiful and she shone her own light. She loved being loved and she thought noone could make her as happy as he did. Both of them jumped head first into a world that would devour them without a second thought. They were so wrapped into each other they couldn’t see the damage they made everywhere they went.

Romeo and Juliet played with fire and awoken dormant flames. Blood was shed and people paid the price for their love. Consequences. Were the lives of beloved friends and family sacrificed for nothing? They ended up dying anyways. Was it really worth?

So many things have to be considered and love is never enough to make a relationship work. It burns out like twigs. You need to establish trust and complicity. You need to get to know each other carefully and entwine your lives in a way that will benefit both. Fights and compromises will be made, but that’s how you become closer. You need to listen and share your thoughts, give and receive. Love is a two-way street, always.

Romeo and Juliet were selfish spoiled brats. If they understood what consequences their love would bring, they would’ve thought twice before putting others lives on the line. They barely knew each other and already they were infatuated so much their judgment was clouded. If truly they loved each other, they should’ve found another way to make their relationship possible. Sometimes the right way takes more time. They were impatient and ended up both in a tomb. If their death brought their families together, imagine what they could’ve achieved alive with a little patience and lots of hard work!

I saw my friends slowly drown and I couldn’t do anything. They sacrificed so much to be together when they should’ve taken it slow and steadily building something that would last. Instead, their unstable tower crumbled so fast it broke them inside. They thought they were done searching and feeling so insecure all the time. If only they had tried to find their own light rather than their reflection…

Stakes are high. Choose carefully which path you decide to walk. Sometimes, you never come back. It’s up to you to decide whether it is worth losing yourself or not.

At least their names are immortal.

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