Nighttime Inspirations 7

A/N: Originally published on November 14th, 2013 on A Purple Panda. – Alixa


Love takes many forms
Love for things
Love for family
Love for friends
Love for a lover

When you say I love you
Do you always know which one you mean?
It gets confusing sometimes
Because you want to love
You love to love
You love being loved

What is love?
Love isn’t lust
Love isn’t jealous
Love isn’t controlled
Love isn’t manipulative

So what is real, true love?

True love fights until death
And beyond
True love never gives up
True love is true
No lies, no secrets, no doubts

But true love only exists in fairy tales
And we are only human
We are wrong and we fail
We make mistakes
We hurt and get hurt

True love might not be of this world
But love is
If you look around
Just open your heart
And trust
That’s the hardest part

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