I Don’t Like You (Except I Kinda Do… A Lot)

You’re impossible. It’s hard to get to know you, it’s hard to get you to drop your guard and open up. It’s ironic, because you talk a lot when we are together. You don’t like the silence, but you say random things, as if that’s enough. It’s not enough. I want more.

You are opiniated, stubborn, as Taurus’ are. You’re intimidating, strong-willed. You know what you want and won’t settle for less. To everyone who doesn’t know you, you’re cold, hard and difficult. But I know better, because despite everything, I got to see the heart of gold you hide behind ice armor.

I hate how our opinions can be opposite, and even more that I’m afraid to say so. I hate that I get drunk on your smell, lost in your eyes, even more that I use stupid romantic cliches when I think about you. I hate that we want different things out of life, that you crave sugar when I want salt, even more so that I think about all the ways we wouldn’t work out. I hate how much you mean to mean, how I need you in my life, how your opinion matters so much to me.

I am not that kind of person, the one that needs someone to feel like my life matters. I’m independent, ambitious, driven. I have plans for my life, plans that would change if I let anyone in. I’ve been burned and I don’t want to ever depend on someone else again. I’ve told myself there are a million reasons why we shouldn’t, couldn’t be together. I don’t want to want you. But I do.

Nevermind tomorrow, let’s think about today. I like you. Do you think you could like me too?

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